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SEO Strategy



  • Topical map and keyword research
  • On-page optimization recommendations
  • Content roadmap


Copy Briefs



  • Fully-developed outlines
  • Internal link suggestions
  • User experience and visual recommendations

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SEO Content



  • 1,500- to 2,000-word articles
  • Optimized for SEO keywords plus meta title and description
  • Up to two rounds of revisions included
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Frequently asked questions

I have years of experience writing content and crafting SEO strategies for B2B, tech, and e-commerce companies. I create different types of content ranging from how-to guides to product reviews that provide valuable, helpful information and establish your business as a trusted name in your industry.

I deliver all content and strategy assets in Google Docs and Google Sheets. That way you can download everything in your preferred format as needed.

Of course! Please just give me an outline of what content you need and your content goals along with sample blog posts or copy so I can understand your brand style, voice, and tone.

If my content doesn’t meet your needs, I’m more than happy to revise it as needed. Please let me know what specific issues you have so I can edit the content to better align with your expectations.

Absolutely—SEO is a powerful strategy that not only brings in traffic to your website but also converts at a high rate. Check this out:

  • 53.35% of website traffic comes from organic search.1
  • Companies that publish blog posts get 55% more visitors.2
  • Consumers discover brands more often through unbranded queries (58%) than branded searches (41%).3

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2. HigherVisibility
3. TotalRetail

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